Nathan Hornby smiling, complete with flowing locks.

Nathan Hornby

Product Design Lead/Manager

Hi, I'm Nate! I currently lead the Product Design team at Tax Systems, helping to transform an established, industry leading product into a cloud platform whilst delivering extended value to its growing user-base.

With experience as an entrepreneur launching a successful product, managing my own design agency, working in-house and as a contractor I have a diverse product design career that spans various industries and contexts.

I've had the pleasure of working with some very talented design and development teams, in both a lead and management capacity; mentoring juniors that have gone on to have exciting and successful careers.

Outside of my life-long fascination with design and psychology I’m also passionate about making music and art, and like to spend as much time as possible surrounded by nature.

I strive to work with skilled practitioners dedicated to delivering exceptional, inclusive user experiences.

If you'd like to explore the opportunity of working together then go ahead and get in touch or check out my LinkedIn.

I also occasionally write things on Medium.

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