Privacy policy and cookie information

This document lets you know how any personal information I (Nathan Hornby) collect about you whilst using this website.


I use Google analytics to help make sure my website is doing its job. If you'd like to know more please read the Google privacy policy.

I also store a cookie if you enable the enhanced accessibility mode; so that your preference can be remembered for 90 days just in case you come back.

What personal information do I collect?

If you request a portfolio or send me an email then I'll ask for your name and email address as well as information about your project.

Why do I collect it?

So that I can put together a relevant portfolio and talk to you like a fellow human being.

How do I store it?

The email containing your contact information will be stored on a secure remote server, and I'll add your contact information to my address book.

Do I share your information with anyone?


How do I contact you about the information you hold?

If you'd like to request what information I hold, or ask that I remove it, please contact me at and I'll deal with your request as soon as possible.